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Listen . Create . Blossom

You are a Sikh - how and why?
A Sikh learns from teachers. Your first teachers are the parents, the siblings, the community of friends, neighbours, school teachers and spiritual leaders. Without teachers no one can learn to listen, create and blossom.

What is your take on life now?
The world is and has always been a pretty hellish place. There is a constant need for truth and reconciliation.

Do you like people?
People are both delightful and difficult, but they are teachers and they are also learning.

What is your wish - if you have one or any?
The wish to learn and teach - for yourself and others. You and I are surrounded by or with folks in the seven stages of grief. The whole works - shock and denial - this is a state of disbelief and numbed feeling. Pain and guilt. Anger and bargaining. Depression. The upward turn . Reconstruction and working through acceptance and hope. The wish for safety and sanity becomes necessary.

What do you mean by to listen, to create and to blossom?
There is a law that governs all of nature including man - not affected by human intelligence or stupidity. Once listening is mastered, there is the sharing of kindness. With kindness there is a possibility to live and rest in peace.

What is your take on Art?
Life without art is unbearable. Art, next to Grace is the best boat to be on - if you have to to cross over hellish waters to survive time and space.

What about Science?
Art is a form of science. Science is a form of art. Engineering is science and art.

So a Sikh is a learner - what is the most important part of the learning?
A Sikh learns to listen, to create and to blossom. The most important part of the learning is to bow to the teacher , to be kind to yourself and others.

I don't wear a turban or carry articles of faith - what about folks like me who are not sikhs?
We are all Sikhs. We all learn and have to figure out what works in life situations , while we live and will die . Kindness works.

What would your self-portrait look like?
Works I've managed so far are clear or unclear fragments of the self-portrait - figuring out what life, living and dying is all about. Figuring out can be both a delightful and a difficult obsession. Artists quarrel with the world and with themselves..

Back to your question - what is my wish ?

My wish is to have no wish. My only sibling , a brother would say - yes let there be a wish - but, at what cost?

My brother is a teacher and a Sikh.

My self portrait will look like everything i have put on hundreds of canvases - during the period of my lifetime - trying to learn about who i am , where i come from and where i am going .

Whats your take on God, the Almighty?
Almighty is both the cause and the cure. God is a bitter sweet pill to swallow. Some folks are not into meds. Some folks are addicted to sugar, sex, love, delusions, pornography, gambling, nicotine, the media and function alongside folks who will swallow the bittersweet pill of the one Truth - we live to die.

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