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Listen! There was never an artistic period. There was never an art-loving nation. Abbot McNeil Whistler 1834 - 1903

What is Art

Art is an attitude - a gratitude, a questioning, a reverence and ultimately - a humility towards life.

Are you an Artist


Are all painters - Artists

I think all persons are artists. Painters try to reproduce, document or re image ideas. But like all workers - painters can get limited by their tools, life experiences and limited imagination.

Why do you paint

I 'm good at it. It's my passion.

Do you have a message in your work

No. I am not a message conveyor or a documentor. I am simply re imaging my understanding of life - in the most visually attractive way I know.

What interests you

If I met the Pope I will try to reimage the Pope on canvas or paper but, I am more interested in the Creator of the Pope than the Pope himself. Painters have been commissioned to paint the Pope numerous times and that's enough . . . I think.

Do you have a favourite painter or painting

I don't have a favouirte painting. I love all paintings for its brilliance and not so brilliant attempts at conveying humility. I don't have a favourite painter. A painter is a worker and the work is tough. I like to see as many paintings as I can and learn from masterpainters who have painted more than I have.

Do you think Da Vinci 's Salvator Mundi is worth 450 million

Yes... and more - Leonardo DaVinci is worth more. . . Originality is priceless.

Do you sell your works

I sell to support my studio. When I sell my work I am motivated to continue the work. The work is tough and you have to feel tough to do the work. There are many days when I don't feel tough. Suddenly someone buys a composition and I start to feel I can continue the tough work of composing, drawing, colouring and painting

If not painting - what work would you do

I would play the cello.. There is just enough time in a lifetime to learn to paint well or to play the cello well.

Do you consider painting work


Can you tell if a painting is good or bad

Everyone can.

What is your last word on Art

Be grateful - be very grateful we have Art and artists doing their darnest to be clear , to be generous and to show - not tell humanity how to live - for kindness - for all living beings.

Last words - on your grave stone perhaps

Doubt I will have a gravestone and ... if I do - I hope it will just say - she saw. she wept. she painted.

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