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Original Collection

My paintings are a reflection of my Singaporean background and my reaction to the Singaporean environment. I focus on colour and lines to create what I consider a Singaporean quality, essentially flat and lacking the depth of culture.

Most of my paintings lack detail, and this too is a reflection of how I perceive the Singaporean cultural and social landscape. However, the vibrancy of my cultural background is apparent in my work, which dovetails neatly with the other great influence in my paintings, French post-Impressionism and Fauvism.

I like the influence of master painters like Matisse who was not a revolutionary but an innovator - he did not reject the pictorial tradition which had gone before, but instead studied it with humility and respect,he assimilated and reinvented it, adding his own personal view.

My main themes are womanhood, expressed in simple and direct portraits, and floral still-lives, with the plants plucked and contained.

sweet bill

boy blue


yellow flowers

still life with cherries

still life with lemons

indian woman




woman with blue earring

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